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manufacturing and marketing of pos printers, receipt printers, label scales, thermal transfer barcode printers, impact printers, printer mechanism, control boards and other POS peripherals.

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manufacturing and marketing of pos printers, receipt printers, label scales, thermal transfer barcode printers, impact printers, printer mechanism, control boards and other POS peripherals.

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manufacturing and marketing of pos printers, receipt printers, label scales, thermal transfer barcode printers, impact printers, printer mechanism, control boards and other POS peripherals.

Nov 05,2021

We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our  GITEX DUBAI EXHIBITION stand ( from Sep 27th to Oct 1st ,Booth No.H4-31) where we are happy to  demonstrate our outstanding products and high-skilled R&D department to global customers. We are going to bring our great printer mechanisms,pc based  scale, portable printers and receipt printers to shine your eyes. Thanks for your time and looking forward to meeting you! 

  • Poland Retail Show
    Poland Retail Show
    Nov 02,2021

    On March 2017, with a scene of prosperity spreads out and the warm breeze under the Rhine River, Poland Retail Show was held on the ground of Poland , as every three years before. We ATP as the Chinas enterprise of receipt printing devices, always attach importance to developing the Europe market and as usual attended this International Retail Trade Fair! The professionalism and pertinence of fair had attracted steady stream ofexhibitors and clients all over the world, including EPSON, ISHIDA, METTLERTOLEDO and other industrys leading manufacturers. The fairwas crowded with people that brought enormous business opportunities of ourexhibitors. To grab this opportunity, we ATP dispatched the sale experts and gave professionalpresentation and interpretation to on-site customers, to show our productsinnovation and superiority. In this worlds leading trade fair for retail and advertising industry, we ATP was showing the world a luxury gallery of our brand new products, such as PC-based scale, paper-out-front thermal receipt printer, big gear high-speeding receipt printer and portable label printers. We won bursts of applause and earned a good reputation, from the coolest appearance also high-quality printing of our printers and professional operation of our experts.

  • The 2018 China Yiwu Logistics Industry
    The 2018 China Yiwu Logistics Industry
    Sep 26,2018

    The 2018 China Yiwu Logistics Industry Expo was successfully held at the Yiwu International Expo Center from September 18th to September 20th. The theme of this years Expo is “Developing Modern Logistics and Sharing Logistics Economy”. Representatives from the logistics industry elites, enterprise representatives and logistics companies (association) from home and abroad gathered in Yiwu to discuss the future of logistics and explore the future of Yiwu. As we all know, in the golden age of online shopping, the speed of logistics express delivery and warehousing industry is unprecedented. In the first half of 2018, the total amount of express delivery business in the country has exceeded 22 billion. A prominent problem facing the rapidly developing logistics industry is how to improve the information circulation of goods in the circulation. Because the goods are in the whole logistics process from the manufacturer to the customer, how are the goods and order machine logistics information? It is especially important to manage and print the presentation. ATP's label/face printer and portable printer and the latest cloud printing technology have solved this pain point for the express delivery industry. At the exhibition, ATP Technology, as a leading company in the field of commercial equipment, brought the industrys top bill printers, label/face printers and portable printers to the domestic logistics industry. The new favorite of the portable label printer BP36, BP29 also made a perfect appearance at the exhibition site, and received the attention and love of customers. In addition to high-quality products, ATP demonstrated the new cloud printing technology launched in recent years at the show. As the name implies, cloud printing technology means that the mobile terminal sends data to the cloud, and the cloud sends the command to the printer, and the printer can print the received data. Imagine a scene, in a relatively remote warehouse, lack of computer and manpower, cut the lack of order printing conditions, need express staff to travel long distances to complete the couriers express delivery document printing, and with ATP cloud printing technology, all these problems All are easy to understand. In the future, ATP Clouds printing solutions will be used in more scenarios such as food and beverage outlets, logistics and warehousing, gas stations, convention centers and theater performance centers. With strong innovation and R&D capabilities, and adhering to the concept of “inclusive, innovative and changing the world”, the conference continues to improve products, improve service quality, lead the industry innovation, and provide high-quality solutions for domestic and international customers.

  • China International Smart Retail Exhibition
    China International Smart Retail Exhibition
    Jul 26,2019

    As a familiar face of major domestic logistics exhibitions, Xiamen ATP Technology Co., Ltd. will naturally not miss the grand event of this logistics industry. ATP has been providing the latest intelligent products and industrial printing solutions for many domestic and foreign express logistics companies and e-commerce companies. At this exhibition, ATP brought the companys latest product portable label printer RP35, and also Brought the companys classic product line such as label barcode printer LP42A, portable label printer RP32, RP34 and so on. label barcode printer LP42A As the saying goes, "If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools." It can be said that in the field of logistics and express delivery, if the printer strikes, the progress of the entire cargo transfer will be completely stopped, because a cargo without "ID card" cannot On the train, at the same time, the effect of the printed single label will also have a huge impact on work efficiency. 2019 China International Smart Retail Exhibition , ATP all the way forward ATP label barcode printer LP41, print out the order in one second, greatly saving time and improving efficiency. At the same time, it can intelligently match the order shipment number without manual matching. The delivery company and the waybill number can be known before delivery, and the picking path is optimized and the picking efficiency is improved. ATP label barcode printer is efficient and stable, and the printing effect is clear and durable. It can undoubtedly greatly improve the efficient operation of goods in the logistics express delivery industry. portable label printer BP36 E-commerce is developing rapidly, and more and more products are being marketed through the Internet. In every process of logistics service, whether it is transportation, storage, loading, unloading, handling, packaging, distribution, etc., the output of the label is indispensable.

Marching Ahead, Hand In Hand--ATP 2020 year-end meeting, the hot spring trip ended successfully
Jan 17,2022
Marching Ahead, Hand In Hand--ATP 2020 year-end meeting, the hot spring trip ended successfully

Days passed by like white horses, and in the blink of an eye, a year of work has come to an end. On January 14, Xiamen ATP 2020 year-end summary meeting was successfully held. First of all, Mr. Lin, the general manager, gave an opening speech for the year-end meeting, and at the same time made a summary report on the company's annual performance. 2020 is a year of great significance for everyone. Under the circumstance of huge fluctuations and changes in the global market environment, ATP with its efficient management and flexible deployment, coupled with its strong strength in products and research and development over the years, Contrary to the trend, it has created even greater achievements and breakthroughs. Then, the Human Resources Department, R&D Center and other departments report successively .In 2020, ATP has innovated on the basis of the original series of products, and independently developed handheld smart POS terminal according to market changes and needs. "Brother" 4-inch shipping label printer and many other products. New changes are also new opportunities and business opportunities. ATP, together with partners, continues to deepen the field of commercial equipment. In 2020, the construction of ATP talent team will remain stable, and the overall professional skills and literacy have made greater progress. In the future, the company will continue to expand the team, increase the density of talents, focus on promoting and using talents, reject mediocrity and people who are messing around, and carry forward the spirit of struggle of ATP. This year-end meeting summed up the past and looked forward to the future. All departments made suggestions for the development of ATP. Finally, the general manager of the company made a comprehensive and objective summary of the company's development in the past year, and at the same time put forward the company's development ideas for the next year, and formulated business goals. Looking back on the past, ATP people took one step at a time, every step was steady and powerful, firm and persistent, moving towards the future...

  • Comapny new arrival LP45
    Comapny new arrival LP45
    Sep 27,2021

    ATP Tech recently launched a new generation of multi-function 4 Inch Shipping Label barcode printing-LP45, which is an upgraded version after the LP42A launched last year. The quality is equivalent to the Brother printer, but the price is very attractive,it is aimed at users in manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, retail and other industries, providing them with more comprehensive and professional solutions. The new generation of LP45 has made detailed adjustments and upgrades in functional design according to the actual use of the industry and the actual needs of users. The functions are streamlined but more targeted. So that different companies in the industry can choose shipping printer that suits them, which is more handy in actual use. 1.Wide format shipping/barcode label printer The LP45 is the ideal label printer for warehouses, and anyone who needs to print high quality shipping labels containing barcodes, PDF,images and text. 2.4 inch (101.6mm) print width and Best printing effect To ensure maximum compatibility with third party shipping label printing software, Printable within 102mm,the LP45 has a print width of 4" (101.6mm) - the specification required by the majority of parcel carriers. The printing speed is up to 150mm/s, using standard address labels, 80 sheets per minute can be printed. And the printing accuracy can reach 300dpi. Make work faster and more efficient. 3.Includes many connectivity options as standard PC and Mac users can connect with USB,LAN, or by Wi-Fi. Or easily connect your mobile device using Bluetooth. There are four drivers: Windows driver, Mac driver, Android phone driver, and iphone driver. 4.Print from PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices The free P-touch Editor label design software for PC and Mac lets you add text, images, barcodes and frames to your labels. Or use the free iPrint & Label app for iOS and Android to create and wirelessly print labels from your mobile devices. 5.Easily add label printing into your existing systems ATP provides free software development for Windows, iOS and Android for system developers to easily incorporate the LP45 into legacy software. ATP still committed to continuous innovation and excellence with innovative technology and meeting user needs. It is hoped that through ATP-LP45, it can provide high-quality identification and marking solutions to users in e-commerce platforms, logistics, and fast-moving consumer industries.

  • Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Gambling
    Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Gambling
    Sep 30,2021

    Xiamen ATP Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in 2015, specializing in pos printers, receipt printers,label scale, shipping label printers, printer institutions, control panels and other POS peripherals. After years of development and technology accumulation, many of our R & D and design printing equipment have won the recognition and favor of customers at home and abroad. Products are widely used in finance, taxation, fire protection system, medical institutions, instruments, shopping malls, taxis, logistics, chain restaurants and supermarkets, etc. On September 30th, Xiamen ATP Technology held the Mid-Autumn Festival “Moon-cake Gambling " activity, while celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, let all people experience the traditional folk culture of Southern Fujian and learn about the special customs of Southern Fujian. Moon-cake Gambling originated from Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, Fujian, and began in the early Qing Dynasty. It is a unique moon cake culture and a kind of history inherited by the people of southern Fujian. According to legend, the Mid-Autumn Festival Bocake was invented by Zheng Chenggong when he was stationed in Gulangyu to relieve the soldiers' Mid-Autumn lovesickness and inspire morale. All members of the event participated in the event, and the atmosphere was lively. Amidst the lively shouts, after the number one winner came out, it also announced the successful conclusion of this event. At the end of the activity, everyone still laughed and laughed, and returned with a lot of fun. In the busy work, we added a cheerful smile to ATP.

  • ATP live stream on Alibaba
    ATP live stream on Alibaba
    Sep 08,2022

    Good news! Good news! We have launched a live stream on Alibaba. Every Wednesday and  Thursday, our hosts Summer and Polin and Cecilea will share the latest industry information and popular product introductions. Sample coupons will be distributed during the live broadcast. Welcome to follow us and become our fans. More surprises are waiting for you.     XIAMEN  ATP TECHNOLOGY  CO.,LTD is specializing in R&D,manufacturing and marketing of various handheld terminals,thermal printers and label printer scales  with more than 8 years' experience.

2022 POS machine industry development status and prospect analysis
Jan 07,2022
2022 POS machine industry development status and prospect analysis

The POS machine is a multifunctional terminal, which is installed at the credit card merchants and acceptance points. It can realize the automatic transfer of electronic funds through the computer network. It has functions such as consumption support, pre-authorization, balance inquiry, and transfer. It is safe to use, Fast and reliable. Along with the continuous improvement of domestic consumption level and consumption awareness, new types of POS machines have been continuously launched on the market. In 2019, the transaction value of UnionPay network transfer was 189.4 trillion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 54.3%. Up to now, the UnionPay acceptance network has been extended to 178 countries and regions around the world, with more than 56 million merchants accepted, more than 130 million UnionPay cards issued overseas, and 4 million overseas merchants accept UnionPay mobile QuickPass or UnionPay QR codes. In addition, the cumulative number of registered users of the Cloud QuickPass app has exceeded 240 million. In recent years, traditional POS machines and personal payment terminals have significantly reduced products that have passed UnionPay card acceptance terminal security certification, while smart POS and new cloud QuickPass acceptance terminals have gradually increased. This can also be seen in the rapid development of smart POS machine products. Global POS shipments reached 103.6 million in 2018, an increase of 39% over 2017, and this number increased by 29.1 million units year-on-year. From the data of global catering digitalization, whether it is desktop POS machines or handheld POS machines, product shipments are in the rising stage, which also reflects the rising demand of users. Among them, global shipments of desktop POS machines are expected to exceed 3 million in 2023, and global shipments of handheld POS machines are expected to exceed 7 million in 2023. Chart: 2017-2019 POS machine industry export statistics Years Total export(SET) Total export(USD) Average export price(USD) 2017 7888317 775,291,382 $98.28/SET 2018 8936008 913,152,794 102.19/SET 2019 11277783 1154,113,124 $102.34/SET The rapid economic development has brought about the continued prosperity of the payment industry, and as China's influence in the Asia-Pacific region and even in global trade continues to increase, more and more domestic and foreign merchants will use POS machines made in China for transaction settlement. The market demand for POS machines still has a lot of room for growth. With the continuous improvement of domestic consumption levels and the enhancement of consumer awareness, new POS machines are constantly appearing in the market. As mobile payment has basically been fully popularized, there is still a lot of room for development of POS machines. In the future, with the continuous growth of downstream demand, the market scale of the POS industry will continue to expand.

  • On the development and opportunities of printing related industries under the epidemic situation
    On the development and opportunities of printing related industries under the epidemic situation
    Dec 11,2021

    Under the impact of the epidemic, in order to avoid a large population gathering, more and more countries will prevent people from gathering offline and close markets or stores, and instead let people place orders online. In this process, a large number of printers are needed to print order related information in order to arrange the distribution and confirmation of goods. Therefore, people who hope to take this wealth opportunity can seriously consider whether this opportunity can have a relationship with you. We hope to find agents around the world and share this wealth opportunity together In order printing, we have two order information printers, RP31 and RP32. Their printing speed is up to 200mm / s, the printing width can be up to 80mm, and they support printing in 17 languages. The printing quality is also very high, which is enough to meet the needs of most order information display Then comes the product information. Generally speaking, what we need is a 2 inch to 3 inch portable or desktop label printer. In this regard, we provide Lp21, LP31 (desktop) and BP28, BP29, BP32, BP33, BP34, BP35 (portable), multiple interfaces, multiple scenarios, multiple prices, and multiple choices. You can choose your most suitable model for agency, If there is a more appropriate quantity, we can also help you customize the logo shell. For a larger quantity, we can also customize the software. Finally, there are our logistics related printers. Now more and more shopping malls cannot open for business, and people are more and more online shopping. The demand for logistics information labels related to online shopping is also increasing day by day. 4 inch label paper is generally the standard choice of most logistics enterprises, and we have three distinctive 4 inch logistics label printers LP41 (label printer with paper bin), LP42A (independent label printer with paper bin), and lp45 can support with or without paper bin. At the same time, it has USB + LAN + Bluetooth + WiFi + WPS + automatic cutter, and a cool and trendy appearance, which makes it look like a work of Art.

  •   The thermal printing market in near future:LP45
    The thermal printing market in near future:LP45
    Nov 08,2021

    The global thermal printing market is witnessing rapid growth, owing to increasing demand for thermal printers that are durable and reliable for printing tasks. applications, ranging from invoices, work orders, to payment receipts, due to their low maintenance costs, relative ease of use, and less expensive consumables. Thermal printing solutions offer low cost and effective printing solutions as compared to conventional printers, to enhance customer experiences. and further boosting growth of the global thermal printing market worldwide Demand from Healthcare and Transportation Industries Propelling the market growth. As a result of widespread commoditization, thermal printer vendors are diversifying their product portfolios and providing value-added products to consumers. Radio-frequency identification technology increasing demands in the supply chains of the retail, healthcare, and transportation industries. Surge in adoption of novice and advanced technologies across various applications within the printing industry is likely to drive the market over the coming years.In addition, increasing acceptance of automatic identification and data capture. .New emerging economies and rapid economic growth and industrialization around the globe, are profitable for thermal printing products market. The affection of COVID-19 to the thermal printing The COVID19 crisis has adversely impacted almost all sectors globally, with disrupted supply chains, country-wide lockdowns and organizations exploring the possibility of long-term and even permanent remote working. The impact of Covid-19. on the print industry is complicated and multi-faceted, and many companies are still implementing changes to accommodate its effects.almost every single industry worldwide has been impacted one way or another by the global pandemic and the print industry is no different. This impact is reflected in the major trends of the year. These trends include a wider adoption of the work-from-home model which dramatically impacted the office printing space, larger printers struggling to make profits while smaller printers are growing, and the beginnings of implementing new innovative technology across the printing space. In order to cope with the changes in the market, our company has newly developed lp45 label printer, which is an express label printer especially suitable for express delivery, a logistics label printer suitable for logistics, and an e-commerce label printer especially suitable for e-commerce. It has powerful functions and fashionable and beautiful appearance. The most basic can support WiFi, Bluetooth, WPS and Ethernet, USB covers all possible interfaces, and can be applied to all operating systems of Android, IOS, windows and MAC. It can be applied to all scenarios. Secondly, the automatic cutter of the printer can also customize its functions, whether to print one by one or cut after printing. For all involved functions, you can also customize its functions, such as ...

  • ATP Technology BP20 portable printer, the new trend of mobile office
    ATP Technology BP20 portable printer, the new trend of mobile office
    Feb 24,2022

    With the improvement of scientific level and the rapid development of social economy, modern people are no longer limited to fixed indoor offices. In people's daily life, all walks of life, various outdoor and non-fixed workplaces have begun to use more and more related equipment. As one of them, the portable receipt printer is gradually familiar to people, which makes people's office more convenient.   The common outdoor office scenes include many on-site law enforcement officers from government departments such as traffic police, urban management law enforcement, and industrial and commercial law enforcement, financial industry such as vehicle loss assessors, bank depositors, meter readers in public utilities, and equipment inspectors Wait. In addition, except for a small number of managers, most logistics companies also work in outdoor and non-fixed workplaces.  1. Small, light and durable Portable printer with dimensions of 103×75×46mm, which can be controlled with one hand. The weight of 240g is light to carry, and the life of the print head is up to 50Km, which is durable. 2. Fast printing speed and long battery life Printing speed determines work efficiency. Generally speaking, on-site printing requires fast speed to save the waiting time of relevant personnel. At the same time, due to outdoor operation, a large-capacity battery and a low-power printing design are required to meet the needs of continuous printing. It is also equipped with a 1600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can print continuously for 5 hours or 200 meters, and supports fast charging at the same time 3. Easy to operate Easy-loading paper structure design, simple and easy-to-operate basic function settings, no matter whether you are a newbie or not, you can master the use method at the first time and get started quickly. 4. Multi-interface, rich configuration Equipped with USB and Bluetooth interfaces, it is convenient to link various devices for operation and use outdoors. At the same time, it has also developed a paper shortage detection function, which is a good helper for outdoor office work.

Country of sale
     XIAMEN ATP TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a high-tech enterprise established in 2015, specializing in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of pos printers, receipt printers, printer mechanism, control boards and other POS peripherals. We have been concentrating in the Receipt Printing Industry ever since our establishment. After years of development and technology accumulation, many of our researched and designed printing equipment have won recognition and favor from our domestic and foreign customers’ faith and support. The products are widely used in finance, tax control, fire control system, medical institution, instrument, shopping mall, taxi and restaurant chain, etc. We have successfully developed a wide range of products with great applications. With various functions, our printers are capable of meeting the needs from different areas. Meanwhile, we got rich experience in independent research and development, which can effectively meet different customers ODM requirements.     Over the years, our company has established a long-term friendship and continued cooperation with many domestic and foreign business partners. Also we have provided good solutions for customers in different areas. Meanwhile, our company also has accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry, and will continue to challenge new areas.     Continuing on technology innovation and striving for excellence, is the working principle of our company. And that is also the reason why many customers choose our company. In confront of fierce market competition and ever-changing development needs, ATP technology will be bound to cooperate and win-win mentality and to provide more innovative and valuable products and services for the market. ATP technology will also assume more social responsibility, so that more people will win benefit due to our company development.
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          We are a factory that started as a printer core and now has thermal printers and scales. We prefer mass customization products. At the same time, we are willing to carry out win-win cooperation with thermal printers and scales dealers, agents and sales personnel in other countries.        If you are a customer who needs mass customization, I suggest you study our lp45 / 46 / 47 and BP 25 / 34 / 35 / 36 more. If you are a customer who needs inventory products, I strongly recommend you to look at our sc-15 / 30. PC150 ar PC150 al PC150 WR PC150 WL . Finally, if you need some components to cooperate with your host machine, our thermal printer head, And print modules, especially EP / 24 / 25 and atp201 / 217

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    If you encounter any technical and quality related problems, please contact Mr. ROBBEN , our SQE ROBBEN YAN Email: Skype:  Cell phone: 8618359808284 Wahatsapp:8618359808284 Website:

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