Exhibition news
    Nov 05, 2021

    We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our  GITEX DUBAI EXHIBITION stand ( from Sep 27th to Oct 1st ,Booth No.H4-31) where we are happy to  demonstrate our outstanding products and high-skilled R&D department to global customers. We are going to bring our great printer mechanisms,pc based  scale, portable printers and receipt printers to shine your eyes. Thanks for your time and looking forward to meeting you! 

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  • Poland Retail Show
    Nov 02, 2021

    On March 2017, with a scene of prosperity spreads out and the warm breeze under the Rhine River, Poland Retail Show was held on the ground of Poland , as every three years before. We ATP as the Chinas enterprise of receipt printing devices, always attach importance to developing the Europe market and as usual attended this International Retail Trade Fair! The professionalism and pertinence of fair had attracted steady stream ofexhibitors and clients all over the world, including EPSON, ISHIDA, METTLERTOLEDO and other industrys leading manufacturers. The fairwas crowded with people that brought enormous business opportunities of ourexhibitors. To grab this opportunity, we ATP dispatched the sale experts and gave professionalpresentation and interpretation to on-site customers, to show our productsinnovation and superiority. In this worlds leading trade fair for retail and advertising industry, we ATP was showing the world a luxury gallery of our brand new products, such as PC-based scale, paper-out-front thermal receipt printer, big gear high-speeding receipt printer and portable label printers. We won bursts of applause and earned a good reputation, from the coolest appearance also high-quality printing of our printers and professional operation of our experts.

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  • The 2018 China Yiwu Logistics Industry
    Sep 26, 2018

    The 2018 China Yiwu Logistics Industry Expo was successfully held at the Yiwu International Expo Center from September 18th to September 20th. The theme of this years Expo is “Developing Modern Logistics and Sharing Logistics Economy”. Representatives from the logistics industry elites, enterprise representatives and logistics companies (association) from home and abroad gathered in Yiwu to discuss the future of logistics and explore the future of Yiwu. As we all know, in the golden age of online shopping, the speed of logistics express delivery and warehousing industry is unprecedented. In the first half of 2018, the total amount of express delivery business in the country has exceeded 22 billion. A prominent problem facing the rapidly developing logistics industry is how to improve the information circulation of goods in the circulation. Because the goods are in the whole logistics process from the manufacturer to the customer, how are the goods and order machine logistics information? It is especially important to manage and print the presentation. ATP's label/face printer and portable printer and the latest cloud printing technology have solved this pain point for the express delivery industry. At the exhibition, ATP Technology, as a leading company in the field of commercial equipment, brought the industrys top bill printers, label/face printers and portable printers to the domestic logistics industry. The new favorite of the portable label printer BP36, BP29 also made a perfect appearance at the exhibition site, and received the attention and love of customers. In addition to high-quality products, ATP demonstrated the new cloud printing technology launched in recent years at the show. As the name implies, cloud printing technology means that the mobile terminal sends data to the cloud, and the cloud sends the command to the printer, and the printer can print the received data. Imagine a scene, in a relatively remote warehouse, lack of computer and manpower, cut the lack of order printing conditions, need express staff to travel long distances to complete the couriers express delivery document printing, and with ATP cloud printing technology, all these problems All are easy to understand. In the future, ATP Clouds printing solutions will be used in more scenarios such as food and beverage outlets, logistics and warehousing, gas stations, convention centers and theater performance centers. With strong innovation and R&D capabilities, and adhering to the concept of “inclusive, innovative and changing the world”, the conference continues to improve products, improve service quality, lead the industry innovation, and provide high-quality solutions for domestic and international customers.

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  • China International Smart Retail Exhibition
    Jul 26, 2019

    As a familiar face of major domestic logistics exhibitions, Xiamen ATP Technology Co., Ltd. will naturally not miss the grand event of this logistics industry. ATP has been providing the latest intelligent products and industrial printing solutions for many domestic and foreign express logistics companies and e-commerce companies. At this exhibition, ATP brought the companys latest product portable label printer RP35, and also Brought the companys classic product line such as label barcode printer LP42A, portable label printer RP32, RP34 and so on. label barcode printer LP42A As the saying goes, "If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools." It can be said that in the field of logistics and express delivery, if the printer strikes, the progress of the entire cargo transfer will be completely stopped, because a cargo without "ID card" cannot On the train, at the same time, the effect of the printed single label will also have a huge impact on work efficiency. 2019 China International Smart Retail Exhibition , ATP all the way forward ATP label barcode printer LP41, print out the order in one second, greatly saving time and improving efficiency. At the same time, it can intelligently match the order shipment number without manual matching. The delivery company and the waybill number can be known before delivery, and the picking path is optimized and the picking efficiency is improved. ATP label barcode printer is efficient and stable, and the printing effect is clear and durable. It can undoubtedly greatly improve the efficient operation of goods in the logistics express delivery industry. portable label printer BP36 E-commerce is developing rapidly, and more and more products are being marketed through the Internet. In every process of logistics service, whether it is transportation, storage, loading, unloading, handling, packaging, distribution, etc., the output of the label is indispensable.

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  • The thermal printing market in near future
    Nov 02, 2021

    The thermal printing market in near future The global thermal printing market is witnessing rapid growth, owing to increasing demand for thermal printers that are durable and reliable for printing tasks. applications, ranging from invoices, work orders, to payment receipts, due to their low maintenance costs, relative ease of use, and less expensive consumables. Thermal printing solutions offer low cost and effective printing solutions as compared to conventional printers, to enhance customer experiences. and further boosting growth of the global thermal printing market worldwide Demand from Healthcare and Transportation Industries Propelling the market growth. As a result of widespread commoditization, thermal printer vendors are diversifying their product portfolios and providing value-added products to consumers. Radio-frequency identification technology increasing demands in the supply chains of the retail, healthcare, and transportation industries. Surge in adoption of novice and advanced technologies across various applications within the printing industry is likely to drive the market over the coming years.In addition, increasing acceptance of automatic identification and data capture. .New emerging economies and rapid economic growth and industrialization around the globe, are profitable for thermal printing products market. The affection of COVID-19 to the thermal printing The COVID19 crisis has adversely impacted almost all sectors globally, with disrupted supply chains, country-wide lockdowns and organizations exploring the possibility of long-term and even permanent remote working. The impact of Covid-19. on the print industry is complicated and multi-faceted, and many companies are still implementing changes to accommodate its effects.almost every single industry worldwide has been impacted one way or another by the global pandemic and the print industry is no different. This impact is reflected in the major trends of the year. These trends include a wider adoption of the work-from-home model which dramatically impacted the office printing space, larger printers struggling to make profits while smaller printers are growing, and the beginnings of implementing new innovative technology across the printing space.

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