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  • On the development and opportunities of printing related industries under the epidemic situation
    Dec 11, 2021

    Under the impact of the epidemic, in order to avoid a large population gathering, more and more countries will prevent people from gathering offline and close markets or stores, and instead let people place orders online. In this process, a large number of printers are needed to print order related information in order to arrange the distribution and confirmation of goods. Therefore, people who hope to take this wealth opportunity can seriously consider whether this opportunity can have a relationship with you. We hope to find agents around the world and share this wealth opportunity together In order printing, we have two order information printers, RP31 and RP32. Their printing speed is up to 200mm / s, the printing width can be up to 80mm, and they support printing in 17 languages. The printing quality is also very high, which is enough to meet the needs of most order information display Then comes the product information. Generally speaking, what we need is a 2 inch to 3 inch portable or desktop label printer. In this regard, we provide Lp21, LP31 (desktop) and BP28, BP29, BP32, BP33, BP34, BP35 (portable), multiple interfaces, multiple scenarios, multiple prices, and multiple choices. You can choose your most suitable model for agency, If there is a more appropriate quantity, we can also help you customize the logo shell. For a larger quantity, we can also customize the software. Finally, there are our logistics related printers. Now more and more shopping malls cannot open for business, and people are more and more online shopping. The demand for logistics information labels related to online shopping is also increasing day by day. 4 inch label paper is generally the standard choice of most logistics enterprises, and we have three distinctive 4 inch logistics label printers LP41 (label printer with paper bin), LP42A (independent label printer with paper bin), and lp45 can support with or without paper bin. At the same time, it has USB + LAN + Bluetooth + WiFi + WPS + automatic cutter, and a cool and trendy appearance, which makes it look like a work of Art.

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  •   The thermal printing market in near future:LP45
    Nov 08, 2021

    The global thermal printing market is witnessing rapid growth, owing to increasing demand for thermal printers that are durable and reliable for printing tasks. applications, ranging from invoices, work orders, to payment receipts, due to their low maintenance costs, relative ease of use, and less expensive consumables. Thermal printing solutions offer low cost and effective printing solutions as compared to conventional printers, to enhance customer experiences. and further boosting growth of the global thermal printing market worldwide Demand from Healthcare and Transportation Industries Propelling the market growth. As a result of widespread commoditization, thermal printer vendors are diversifying their product portfolios and providing value-added products to consumers. Radio-frequency identification technology increasing demands in the supply chains of the retail, healthcare, and transportation industries. Surge in adoption of novice and advanced technologies across various applications within the printing industry is likely to drive the market over the coming years.In addition, increasing acceptance of automatic identification and data capture. .New emerging economies and rapid economic growth and industrialization around the globe, are profitable for thermal printing products market. The affection of COVID-19 to the thermal printing The COVID19 crisis has adversely impacted almost all sectors globally, with disrupted supply chains, country-wide lockdowns and organizations exploring the possibility of long-term and even permanent remote working. The impact of Covid-19. on the print industry is complicated and multi-faceted, and many companies are still implementing changes to accommodate its effects.almost every single industry worldwide has been impacted one way or another by the global pandemic and the print industry is no different. This impact is reflected in the major trends of the year. These trends include a wider adoption of the work-from-home model which dramatically impacted the office printing space, larger printers struggling to make profits while smaller printers are growing, and the beginnings of implementing new innovative technology across the printing space. In order to cope with the changes in the market, our company has newly developed lp45 label printer, which is an express label printer especially suitable for express delivery, a logistics label printer suitable for logistics, and an e-commerce label printer especially suitable for e-commerce. It has powerful functions and fashionable and beautiful appearance. The most basic can support WiFi, Bluetooth, WPS and Ethernet, USB covers all possible interfaces, and can be applied to all operating systems of Android, IOS, windows and MAC. It can be applied to all scenarios. Secondly, the automatic cutter of the printer can also customize its functions, whether to print one by one or cut after printing. For all involved functions, you can also customize its functions, such as ...

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  • ATP Technology BP20 portable printer, the new trend of mobile office
    Feb 24, 2022

    With the improvement of scientific level and the rapid development of social economy, modern people are no longer limited to fixed indoor offices. In people's daily life, all walks of life, various outdoor and non-fixed workplaces have begun to use more and more related equipment. As one of them, the portable receipt printer is gradually familiar to people, which makes people's office more convenient.   The common outdoor office scenes include many on-site law enforcement officers from government departments such as traffic police, urban management law enforcement, and industrial and commercial law enforcement, financial industry such as vehicle loss assessors, bank depositors, meter readers in public utilities, and equipment inspectors Wait. In addition, except for a small number of managers, most logistics companies also work in outdoor and non-fixed workplaces.  1. Small, light and durable Portable printer with dimensions of 103×75×46mm, which can be controlled with one hand. The weight of 240g is light to carry, and the life of the print head is up to 50Km, which is durable. 2. Fast printing speed and long battery life Printing speed determines work efficiency. Generally speaking, on-site printing requires fast speed to save the waiting time of relevant personnel. At the same time, due to outdoor operation, a large-capacity battery and a low-power printing design are required to meet the needs of continuous printing. It is also equipped with a 1600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can print continuously for 5 hours or 200 meters, and supports fast charging at the same time 3. Easy to operate Easy-loading paper structure design, simple and easy-to-operate basic function settings, no matter whether you are a newbie or not, you can master the use method at the first time and get started quickly. 4. Multi-interface, rich configuration Equipped with USB and Bluetooth interfaces, it is convenient to link various devices for operation and use outdoors. At the same time, it has also developed a paper shortage detection function, which is a good helper for outdoor office work.

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  • ATP PC150 intelligent PC scale new debut
    Feb 24, 2022

    ATP PC150 intelligent PC scale new debut      Today, with the vigorous development of the Chinese specialty chain store market, the growth of stores requires companies to maintain an efficient organizational and operational structure.Therefore, ATP has developed new PC scales for supermarkets and hypermarkets.       This is a high performance touchscreen scale with an extra large display for weighing in the fresh produce industry.“In order to be able to realize the true potential of the process optimization of the weighing equipment, from inventory management and purchasing to the daily out-of-business cash entry and settlement, a direct connection to the ERP and network architecture and easy integration with the POS software are extremely important.                     This PC smart scale aiming at the high-end market of the global retail industry, ingeniously designed and carefully built.Using this scheme has the following advantages: 1. PC150 integrates weighing, cash register and printer, with powerful functions, and ultra-thin design, small footprint, especially suitable for food retail stores with high rent, small area and high passenger flow. 2. The 15.6-inch customer display screen of the PC scale can clearly display the detailed information such as the weight, unit price, and total amount of each transaction, so that customers can consume with peace of mind; also, the customer display can play various advertising information such as videos, pictures, text,which can play a role in brand promotion, Promotional advertising, etc. 3. The interface of the PC scale adopts the win10 system, the module is simpler and more intuitive, and all the functions that need to be realized can be seen by the cashier at a glance, and the fastest way to get started. Cashier errors reduce the requirements for cashiers, and solve the problem of staff turnover and difficulty in recruiting workers in many fruit stores. The entire PC scale, as long as you know the words, can basically master the daily operations of the cashier at the fastest speed.      ATP has always firmly believed: we not only to provide retailers with good products, but also to provide good services  !!!

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  • The Impact of the Epidemic on Various Industries and Future Development Trends
    Jan 26, 2022

    The Impact of the Epidemic on Various Industries and Future Development Trends   The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the global economy. From the sharp decline in revenue in industries such as retail and catering, accommodation and tourism, transportation, culture and entertainment, to the slow resumption of work and production in manufacturing, real estate, and construction due to the limited flow of people and logistics, to remote office, online education, and online medical care The sudden emergence of technology companies such as , fresh food logistics, and the epidemic has brought different challenges and opportunities to various industries around the world, and these changes may profoundly affect the future development trends and competitive landscape of the industry. This article focuses on Bank,retail,and Technology. It will analyze the opportunities and challenges brought by the epidemic to each industry, and look forward to the future development of the industry.       Bank The epidemic has an impact on the income and cash flow turnover of some enterprises and households, and has a certain short-term impact on banking business, but in the long run, it will not have a fundamental impact on the development of the banking industry. At the same time, online financial business is more recognized, and matters such as branch transformation, application of financial technology, and comprehensive financial services have become the focus of banks in the future. · Asset quality under pressure in the short term but still manageable in the long run Industries such as tourism, accommodation, catering, retail, transportation, entertainment and culture, and offline education are relatively directly affected by the epidemic. Most of these industries are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. The weakening of business capacity, cash flow and repayment ability of enterprises may occur to some extent. The number of non-performing loans and even bad debts, and some local regulatory authorities have also increased their tolerance for non-performing loans of small and micro enterprises. Since banks usually use expected credit loss models for risk management, the epidemic has caused banks to adjust their loan provisions in the first half of the year accordingly. At the same time, the epidemic has caused a short-term decline in the income of many companies and individuals, which will also have a certain impact on the bank's deposit and loan business, and hinder the expansion of the bank's intermediary business. On the whole, the epidemic will have a certain negative impact on the short-term revenue of the banking industry. But in the long run, the post-pandemic recovery and rebound of the economy will also improve the capital situation of affected companies, with limited long-term impact on the banking industry. · Digital Transformation Accelerates Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the reg...

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  • Helping fresh supermarkets, ATP SC15/30 smart label barcode scale makes a new appearance
    Jan 17, 2022

    Regardless of traditional retail or new retail, the development of supermarkets and chain stores needs to rely on higher efficiency and better management to bring more benefits. As retailers pay more attention to fresh products, weighing and cashier solutions have received more and more attention. In recent years, ATP has launched a series of new products such as label barcode scales and smart touch screen PC scales, providing new ideas for retail fresh food sales. Among them, label barcode scales suitable for fresh food stores and vegetable markets, integrating weighing, printing and cash registering                            Powerful, simple and easy to use The SC30 barcode scale provides an excellent weighing, printing and cashier integrated solution. In addition, it also provides an ideal traceability solution for fresh food stores and vegetable markets. From the product function point of view, it can quickly and easily transfer, backup and update scale data and even software programs through USB; rechargeable batteries can continue to sell goods in the event of a power failure; automatic IP identification, multi-mode wireless network card Make sure your scale device is connected to the network at all times, and everything is under control. In terms of product structure, the bottom of the base shell of bMobile cashier scale is made of aluminum, which is sturdy and durable. When you choose the ATP SC15/30, you choose a hassle-free, worry-free weighing solution.

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  • 4 Inch Shipping Label Printer with New Technology
    Nov 05, 2021

    Xiamen ATP Technology Co.,Ltd will be offering LP46, a high-speed, direct thermal desktop label printer capable of printing linerless labels developed as a cost-effective waybill printing task. As a shipping label printer, they support most express delivery platforms, such as UPS, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, USPS, etc and work with Windows ,MAC , iOS and Android system. Typical applications of the new printer include generating removable labels to expedite and ensure accuracy of orders and deliveries and identify container and product contents at  e-commerce platform like ebay, amazon and shopee.  The compact design features a top paper exit while accommodating a wide range of paper widths (30~118mm ) and stock thickness (0.08~0.15mm sticker paper). Notable performance specs include print speeds up to 150 mm/second and a cutter life of up to 1,000,000 times. The software features include 300DPI, 11.81 dots/mm, 16-level grey scale output for logo and image printing, logo storage memory, and two-dimensional bar code support (QR code, PDF, Datamatrix). The printer offers flexible connectivity options with industry-standard communication interfaces(such as USB, WAN) or wireless communication function(Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ). It also supports printing from smartphones and tablets with the provided Windows drivers ,MAC drivers, iOS and Android drivers.

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