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/Marching Ahead, Hand In Hand--ATP 2020 year-end meeting, the hot spring trip ended successfully
Marching Ahead, Hand In Hand--ATP 2020 year-end meeting, the hot spring trip ended successfully
January 17, 2022

Days passed by like white horses, and in the blink of an eye, a year of work has come to an end. On January 14, Xiamen ATP 2020 year-end summary meeting was successfully held.

First of all, Mr. Lin, the general manager, gave an opening speech for the year-end meeting, and at the same time made a summary report on the company's annual performance. 2020 is a year of great significance for everyone. Under the circumstance of huge fluctuations and changes in the global market environment, ATP with its efficient management and flexible deployment, coupled with its strong strength in products and research and development over the years, Contrary to the trend, it has created even greater achievements and breakthroughs.

Then, the Human Resources Department, R&D Center and other departments report successively .In 2020, ATP has innovated on the basis of the original series of products, and independently developed handheld smart POS terminal according to market changes and needs. "Brother" 4-inch shipping label printer and many other products. New changes are also new opportunities and business opportunities. ATP, together with partners, continues to deepen the field of commercial equipment. In 2020, the construction of ATP talent team will remain stable, and the overall professional skills and literacy have made greater progress. In the future, the company will continue to expand the team, increase the density of talents, focus on promoting and using talents, reject mediocrity and people who are messing around, and carry forward the spirit of struggle of ATP.

This year-end meeting summed up the past and looked forward to the future. All departments made suggestions for the development of ATP. Finally, the general manager of the company made a comprehensive and objective summary of the company's development in the past year, and at the same time put forward the company's development ideas for the next year, and formulated business goals.

Looking back on the past, ATP people took one step at a time, every step was steady and powerful, firm and persistent, moving towards the future...

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