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On the development and opportunities of printing related industries under the epidemic situation
December 11, 2021
Under the impact of the epidemic, in order to avoid a large population gathering, more and more countries will prevent people from gathering offline and close markets or stores, and instead let people place orders online. In this process, a large number of printers are needed to print order related information in order to arrange the distribution and confirmation of goods.
Therefore, people who hope to take this wealth opportunity can seriously consider whether this opportunity can have a relationship with you. We hope to find agents around the world and share this wealth opportunity together
In order printing, we have two order information printers, RP31 and RP32. Their printing speed is up to 200mm / s, the printing width can be up to 80mm, and they support printing in 17 languages. The printing quality is also very high, which is enough to meet the needs of most order information display
Then comes the product information. Generally speaking, what we need is a 2 inch to 3 inch portable or desktop label printer. In this regard, we provide Lp21, LP31 (desktop) and BP28, BP29, BP32, BP33, BP34, BP35 (portable), multiple interfaces, multiple scenarios, multiple prices, and multiple choices. You can choose your most suitable model for agency, If there is a more appropriate quantity, we can also help you customize the logo shell. For a larger quantity, we can also customize the software.
Finally, there are our logistics related printers. Now more and more shopping malls cannot open for business, and people are more and more online shopping. The demand for logistics information labels related to online shopping is also increasing day by day. 4 inch label paper is generally the standard choice of most logistics enterprises, and we have three distinctive 4 inch logistics label printers LP41 (label printer with paper bin), LP42A (independent label printer with paper bin), and lp45 can support with or without paper bin. At the same time, it has USB + LAN + Bluetooth + WiFi + WPS + automatic cutter, and a cool and trendy appearance, which makes it look like a work of Art.
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