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The thermal printing market in near future:LP45
November 08, 2021

The global thermal printing market is witnessing rapid growth, owing to increasing demand for thermal printers that are durable and reliable for printing tasks. applications, ranging from invoices, work orders, to payment receipts, due to their low maintenance costs, relative ease of use, and less expensive consumables. Thermal printing solutions offer low cost and effective printing solutions as compared to conventional printers, to enhance customer experiences. and further boosting growth of the global thermal printing market worldwide
Demand from Healthcare and Transportation Industries Propelling the market growth. As a result of widespread commoditization, thermal printer vendors are diversifying their product portfolios and providing value-added products to consumers. Radio-frequency identification technology increasing demands in the supply chains of the retail, healthcare, and transportation industries.
Surge in adoption of novice and advanced technologies across various applications within the printing industry is likely to drive the market over the coming years.In addition, increasing acceptance of automatic identification and data capture.
.New emerging economies and rapid economic growth and industrialization around the globe, are profitable for thermal printing products market.
The affection of COVID-19 to the thermal printing
The COVID19 crisis has adversely impacted almost all sectors globally, with disrupted supply chains, country-wide lockdowns and organizations exploring the possibility of long-term and even permanent remote working. The impact of Covid-19. on the print industry is complicated and multi-faceted, and many companies are still implementing changes to accommodate its effects.almost every single industry worldwide has been impacted one way or another by the global pandemic and the print industry is no different. This impact is reflected in the major trends of the year. These trends include a wider adoption of the work-from-home model which dramatically impacted the office printing space, larger printers struggling to make profits while smaller printers are growing, and the beginnings of implementing new innovative technology across the printing space.

In order to cope with the changes in the market, our company has newly developed lp45 label printer, which is an express label printer especially suitable for express delivery, a logistics label printer suitable for logistics, and an e-commerce label printer especially suitable for e-commerce. It has powerful functions and fashionable and beautiful appearance. The most basic can support WiFi, Bluetooth, WPS and Ethernet, USB covers all possible interfaces, and can be applied to all operating systems of Android, IOS, windows and MAC. It can be applied to all scenarios. Secondly, the automatic cutter of the printer can also customize its functions, whether to print one by one or cut after printing. For all involved functions, you can also customize its functions, such as paper walking, Bluetooth and WiFi. Finally, it is said that its streamlined shape is full of sense of science and technology, and the backlight button is extremely cool. I believe it is difficult for businesses to refuse such a perfect printer in the future


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