114mm Thermal Printer Mechanism-ATP401

    • •  Easy paper loading;

    • •  High speed printing;

    • •  Low noise;

    • •  Long life;

Printing Printing Method Thermal dot line printing
Effective printing width 104mm
Dot density 8dot/mm
Printing dots per line 835dots/line
Paper width 113-114mm
Dot pitch 0.125mm
Dot size 0.125*0.125mm
Printing speed(max) 70mm/s(at 9.5V motor drive voltage)
Paper accuracy 0.125mm(one stepper distance)
Detection Thermal head temperature detection Via thermistor
Out of paper detection Via photo interrupter
Operating Voltage Printer head working voltage 8.5V at the most
Thermal head working voltage VH(DCV) 5.0-9.5(Normally is 8.5V)
Logic working voltage(DCV) 3.13-5.25
Paper traction motor working voltage(DCV) 5.0-9.5(normally is 8.5V)
Paper feeding method bend type
Operating environment Operating temperature -5-50℃
Operating humidity 10-90%RH
Storage temperature -40-80℃
Storage humuidity 5~90%RH
Machine noise <60dB
Life Platen open-close times >5000times
Thermal paper traction force ≥50gf
Thermal paper grasp brake force ≥80gf
Printing life ≥50km
Electric life One hundred-million pulses(under our standard printing conditions)
Physical characteristics Mass(g) About 80g
Outline dimensions(D*W*H) 129.5*40.8*18.5mm

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